A boathouse rests on the banks of the Brazos River. Long, sleek rowing shells glide up and down the water passing McLane Stadium, the Farmer’s Market, and Cameron Park. The wind blows. The water remains still. Inside the boathouse the local rowing community gathers for another social event. Later in the week, another wedding takes advantage of the picturesque views from the boathouse and docks. The retired, the young professionals, and kids from every part of town converge to enjoy this regal sport. We’re not alone though. The country takes notice. Regattas fill the calendar, crews from around the country call the Brazos their second home, US Rowing comes to train, and the world’s elite rowers make their way to Central Texas to enjoy one of America’s finest rowing venues.

Does that vision excite you? Do you believe it’s possible? We’re not far from it. The Brazos River is an ideal rowing venue. It’s time for Waco to embrace what the rowing community has known for years.

There are numerous ways donations can help. Even small contributions can make a world of difference from administrative costs to capital campaigns such as the construction of a boathouse, the purchase of boats, and the installation of a dock.

Help us shape our city’s future, and bring this storied sport to all of Waco and Central Texas.

You can donate online via the donate button below, or you can send a check to:

Waco Rowing Club
3800 Austin Avenue
Waco, TX 76710

*Application for non profit status is in process with the IRS. Current donations will not be tax deductible until our status is approved. Once it is, all those who have donated will be able to claim their donations.